The Making Of "Vitality"


City of Melville, Aquatic Centre, 2013


A work commissioned by the City of Melville in 2012 as an entry statement for the newly upgraded aquatic centre "LeisureFit Booragoon".

Inspired by the high presence of physical activity, motion and energy that was so evident from the residents who frequent the facility.  

The abstract form constructed in marine grade aluminium incorporates smooth parabolic curves that reflect the ever-changing light conditions as the sun traverses from East to West. Some might also see references to exercising, stretching, diving and water within the brushed aluminium surface finish.


The sculpture really features two main elements each that required separate fabrication and full completion before they were brought together as one piece. The work stands at over 5 metres tall including the base that doubles as a form of seating with uplighting. 


With this work I engaged Phil Dench from Headus Pty Ltd, to 3D scan the maquette and flatten the surfaces which helped simply the maths.

Thanks also to Bastion and Katia, our French WOFAS who timed their stay with us perfectly. Bastion was the perfect TA and became very proficient in helping tack up the work. 


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