Sculpture by the Sea 
Cottesloe 2014

  • Marine Grade Aluminium
  • 290 x 220 x 380 cm


Like many artists I'm continually inspired by the environment. Nothing in the natural world appears in straight lines, its all a series of random curves with an ever prevalent spiral phenomenon which you'll see in plant growth, shells through to animal behaviour such as a moth heading towards a light or the flight of a bird towards its prey. I see this as natures signature, a symbol of exponential growth.


I felt a connectivity to the spiral phenomenon during the early design stage and marquette development. When I draw metal together over a bench or through a roller there is a continuing change of radii  which is dependent on both the width of the material and the thickness of material, and it is these curves which give a form its strength. Incorporating this methodology into my design process allows me to produce the work in large scale.

With this work I was particularly focused on creating a work that showed the strength and features of aluminium, a shape with volume high in the work while accentuating a narrow entry or base point.

ALCOA Sponsorship

Thanks to ALCOA for its generous sponsorship through the supply of material, for its ongoing support of other artists and for funding the education program during sculpture by the sea.  It was evident during my educational talks with a number of classes that this event is contributing strongly toward the artist culture in this state and inspiring many budding artists. It received praising comments from many appreciative educators who take up the opportunity.


Congratulations to the organisers on hosting the 10th anniversary of Sculpture by the Sea and a big thank you to all the staff and volunteers for their amazing work throughout the event.  

Thank you

Special thanks to Scott, Kirsten, Brianna, Dave, Graham, Rob, Andy and Pete who so generously offered their time to at different stages when I needed a hand. 

Thanks also to my family who offered their critique 

Thanks also to my family who offered their critique 

The Making Of "Signature"


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