Energy Wave

Mindarie Marina Boardwalk Sculpture Festival 2008

1st Prize winner

Johannes welding the segmented pieces together  in his workshop

Johannes welding the segmented pieces together  in his workshop


I was inspired to create a sculpture which displayed elements of tension and movement. During some research I came across a "Pol Bury" sculpture called "Elements Se faisant face" which was shown in his exhibition in Paris in 1969.

The design represents the “e” symbol for energy. The segmented curved spiral creates a dynamic wave caught in time, a “potential energy” ready to be harnessed, as in wave motion, an abundant source of renewable energy at our doorstep.

This work started out as a project during an environmental arts course at Midland TAFE, WA. Lecturers at the time included Peter Daly and Stuart Elliott who encouraged me to pursue my sculptural efforts and to enter my first exhibition. 


  • First Prize, Mindarie Marina Boardwalk Sculpture Festival 2008

Method of Construction

In this “Mathematical Sculpture”, I have used a combination of Quadrics (two degree algebraic equation) and Revolution surfaces (around an axis)

Following original drawings, side profile templates were made and then plasma cut (by hand) from 3mm mild steel.

  • All curved surfaces were rolled using 1.6 mm mild steel
  • All seams and joints have been fully welded and ground off to achieve a clean edge.
  • No welds are exposed giving a desired founded metal look.
  • The base arc piece has been reinforced and counterweighted with heavier metal and a round base plate tilts the piece perfectly and unobtrusively.

All internal surfaces were treated, and the exterior surfaces were finished with a polyurethane coating to withstand all environmental conditions, giving maximum longevity. 


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