Front page West Australian

The front page picture of the West had a caption which said "Big and small in beach art for all". So true when realising this amazing event is put on for anyone who wants to visit, is totally free of charge and allows access day and night to enjoy works of art from all over the world. One thing though, my work isn't so small standing at 3 metres, its just that the Goon Bag dwarfed everything in its wake.  

 Sculptures by the Sea starts tommorow at Cottesloe Beach. Friends Jackie Jepiuh (18yrs on left , contact : 0420 488 161) and Kayla Lehmann (18yrs) pictured running through "Signature" by Johannes Pannekoek with "Bulk Carrier" by Norton Flavel (from WA) in the background.
Picture : Lincoln Baker/The West Australian. ***Fairfax Online/Financial Review Out***

Installation of Signature, SxS 2014

Early start arriving at the beach at 6.30 am with the team including Scott Orrock, Kirsten Pannekoek and Peter Le Scelle. It all went very smoothly and such a bonus having Pete take so many great shots.

Update, Sculpture by the Sea 2014

Just days away from completion with a euphoric uplifting feeling, knowing that I'm going to get the sculpture over the line and installed in time for the event. There are no short cuts you can take with producing these works and you have to just stick to the plan. Could only have done it with patient family and business partners as well as the special help of some very handy friends. Cheers Scotty and Andy for some last minute help.

Update, Sculpture by the Sea 2014

The biggest buzz for me during a sculpture project is the enthusiasm shown by friends, family and neighbours in wanting to be part of the process, it makes it so much more fun and rewarding. Many thanks guys

Johannes Pannekoek - Signature - 2014 -SXS Cottesloe (1).jpg

Update, Sculpture by the Sea 2014

Edition of small works all complete. Certainly at the limit of material size in proportion to sculpture size requiring a lot of time and effort, but the result is worth it. Thanks for helping out with the tacking a gun welder!